A Brief Overview of DApp Development

DApp stands for Decentralized Application. Unlike traditional application on Apple store and Google play store, Dapps connect its users and developers without a platform or a third party. The decentralized application requires no permission from any authority and can be coded by an independent developer as well as a DApp development company.

Decentralized application development is maintained by many users to avoid a single point of failure on the bases of a trustless protocol. Usually, a DApp code runs on the back end of an application through a peer-to-peer network without a central authority to control. A DApp is written for the front end as well which sends data to its front end and can be written in any language. The front end is used for decentralized storage like Swarms of Ethereum blockchain and decentralized messaging system in a whisper. For Ethereum based smart contracts, Dapp development is used for front end coding which sends the call to its back end to execute smart contract terms.

For a complete recognition of Dapp following criteria should be matched:

  • The application must work autonomously and should be open-source.
  • As the name says, it should be decentralized meaning no central authority should be there to control the working of such an app. If any changes required, it should be approved through a consensus algorithm.
  • The information should be on public storage and must be stored cryptographically.
  • The contribution to the network should be rewarded with cryptocurrencies such BitCoin or any other of its origin.
  • The same cryptocurrencies should be able to provide access to users in the network.
  • The application should be able to generate such tokens on its own to work as a proof of values for the nodes or users.

For example, BitCoin based blockchain is a Dapp, Ethereum is also a DApp but smart contracts are not Dapp, despite it using front end coding of a decentralized application uses because smart contracts are between contract participants means is not an open-source contract but is on an open-source network. The reason being DApps on Ethereum uses minimal smart contract codes.

The difference between a decentralized application and traditional application development is the efforts put into coding. A Dapp development company realizes this effort, and that is why those are hard to find and can be hired only at a reasonably high price. The level of rigorous prototyping and testing is like developing hardware rather than software. The standard programming language for DApp development on Ethereum is Solidity. There are many DApp platform which provides developing in a traditional language such as Python and Javascript as a primary language.  But DApp can only be a move to the next level when the blockchain technology can improve on its scalability issues.

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