How to Create The Perfect ICO/STO Marketing Strategy

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) token are now the thing of the past. The pace at which blockchain technology has emerged and disrupted many industries, it has changed how an individual or a company raise funds. ICO token rose up and are in the pit now due to unregulated market conditions and scams. But after the USA government took reins in hands, a new tool with the same benefits of raising funds for companies emerge known as Securities Token Offerings. (STO) Despite this effort by the government to save blockchain based fund-raising tool, the public is unwilling to trust the marketing efforts of blockchain based companies. But with the right marketing strategy and collecting efforts by industry players can turn the tables for good.

01. Pre-ICO/STO Marketing

Before getting into a highly competitive STO game in USA token market, you would need a concrete solution for said industry problem with about blockchain technology. This aspect must be shown in your company’s whitepaper. If you hire a blockchain development company, the team of developers explains as well as help you build a strong whitepaper which includes industry research, current market trends, the problem with the industry and how your blockchain is going to tackle or solve that problem. Through this simplification, you can start with the Design of the website, Blog, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The next step after whitepaper draft is the collaboration with PR and media companies. The small media company which can help focus on the right audience is always the best choice in a competitive market. Targeting a niche audience helps build an active community for further stages of STO marketing. Another method to promote your STO is through third-party collaboration websites. Paid and free sites which have excellent website traffic can help outreach that niche audience. After all these SEO activities next step of pre-ICO/STO is to use social media at its best. The most popular social media for wider outreach are Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Quora, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

02. ICO/STO Marketing

When you launch your STO in the market, Your Community looks out for more content. This stage is when you take another step towards audio and visual content through podcasts and YouTube Videos. Here, you can collaborate with favorite podcast channels or stars and YouTube Channel which positively showcases your blockchain development and progress so far.

Further, your company leaders including you should attend crypto conferences. This move helps you meet STO investors face to face and spread your idea to a broader audience which either is active community members or are leaders of different crypto related industry.

03. Post ICO/STO Marketing

After a successful launch of your STO in the market, the on-going marketing methods should be continued as well updating the blockchain keeping core idea constant. You can form a strategic partnership with industry leaders which can help you as an advisor on your blockchain development project and connect you with other industry players. This move helps in the adoption of your blockchain based solution more quickly. Finally, the STO needs to comply with market regulation and government laws to build not only the audience’s trust but also to increase the confidence of government in company’s blockchain development.

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