Importance of ICO Marketing and Its Tools for a Successful ICO

Importance of ICO Marketing and Its Tools For a Successful ICO

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. Through the revolution of Blockchain technology, ICO development has been proven an effective and profitable fundraising tool in the world economy. The ICO is basically a startup collect capital through offering its own developed cryptocurrency to investors as a token in return of widely used cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are more than 1000 ICO and $ 7 billion have been raised. Despite being beneficial to every type of business, ICO fall shorts in reaching the complete economy. Also, every ICO does not prove to be a successful one. Competition is fierce due to features of decentralization and open – a source of this emerging technology. Also, the reason for failure is heavily associated with the insufficient use of the right marketing tools. 

In this digital era where social media is must by from a child to an elderly, digital marketing has become essential for every type of business or service. The product may not hold much value to the public but how you market your product or service represents your team and level of work, whether you launch your own ICO or develop through an ICO consulting service


The marketing strategy for ICO should start before the development of ICO itself. Being part of the social communities and market will eventually help in promoting your ICO at the beginning or you can opt for an established ICO marketing agency. These ICO development companies hold a strong presence in cryptocurrencies market hence, proves to be an easy step to a successful ICO development. This pre-launch phase of ICO development is the most crucial as the first impression last longer in eyes of the public, ultimately affecting potential investors’ decision on buying your ICO token. Following are the most effective tools to increase the success rate of your ICO: 

1. Trust building through whitepaper

Whitepaper is the blueprint of your ICO. It holds all the information regarding your newly develop cryptocurrencies. The motive of developing whitepaper is mostly trust based. Typically a whitepaper includes uniqueness of your idea, your plan of the project, Legal aspects, beneficiaries’ details through your idea, future plans to expand, your team details, and capital needs. The whitepaper is the first impression which holds the future potential for your company. 

2. Website to promote on social media

Every small business holds somewhat digital presence to reach out customers easily. Creating a website is very easy these days to have that presence in social media but for ICO, one should depict informative yet attractive content along with website design. Further, your ICO website needs to be clear, concise and easy to navigate making it user-friendly. To explain information such as ICO development, and how to invest can be represented through a video or a slideshow to attract visitors and to build a strong presence in the reader’s mind. The next step is to promote it on various platforms such as medium, blogs, and others to make it more familiar. 

3. SEO at work

Search Engine Optimization is another tool to boost your ICO marketing on the internet. SEO means increasing your websites page ranks on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is the only tool which increases organic visitors to your website. SEO strategy for ICO development can include both on-page and off-page marketing techniques. Moreover, ICO consulting agency suggests Pay Per Click ads to promote an ICO over various platform but unfortunately, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have banned PPC ads. But you can still promote your ICO on Blockchain platforms which shows paid banners on their websites. 

4. Digital social communities

As mentioned earlier, social communities related to Blockchain technology help you grow own community for your ICO. This method can proceed with engaging in forums, answering various types of Blockchain related questions, and raising questions to build group. This helps in meeting with likeminded and interested individuals which can increase the more bright potential for ICO when launched. 

5. Email marketing

Sending emails to the potential participant and investor of your ICO is effective but is time-consuming and costly. Further, sending email without the user’s consent might be fatal for your ICO success. That is why asking them to sign up for your newsletter would increase the reputation of your ICO. Doing it by oneself is never feasible to increase the success rate of your ICO so opting for ICO marketing services would be the best choice. 

Getting investors attention to raising funds through ICO development is a long and hard-hitting process. Various platforms promising to launch your ICO in five days are false promises made by scammers. Surely you might get initial attention but for a successful ICO, long-term planning is required from each end. 
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