Why is ICO Marketing Important?

Why is ICO Marketing Important?

According to ICO data, more than $7.5 billion was raised via ICO in 2018, and 2019 promises to easily outpace 2018 regarding the number of ICOs and the amount that will be built through it. But creating an ICO is not all success and big pots of money. Out of 1247 ICOs, only 50% surpassed and sustained the fundraising. So, with increased competition in 2019, higher rewards, and heightened regulation, the line between success and failure is getting considerably finer. In short, the ICO marketing strategy is the difference between success and failure. If your ICO marketing strategy is not thorough, then even if you have the best product, your ICO will be doomed. Here are five key reasons that show the importance of ICO marketing.

It Informs

On the ground level, marketing is useful for customer education. You know the structure and function of your ICO, but are your customers aware of the ins-and-outs of the same? A strong foundation is key to longevity. The website is the foundation of the ICO marketing strategy. It is the place where the investors read your message; their trust is built and ultimately decides whether they want to invest in it or not.  The website should be well designed, easy to navigate, clean and modern in its look.

It Equalizes

Modern marketing is less expensive as compared to traditional marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has made reaching out to investors a much more financial friendly approach. A well researched and professionally executed on-page and off-page strategy can provide long-term ICO marketing solutions and overcome some important challenges. A targeted, precisely planned, and expertly performed SEO strategy is the key to long-term ICO success.

It Engages

Media outreach and PR are other essential aspects of ICO marketing strategy. An audience wants a relationship with your ICO and brand, and through marketing, you can do just that. Press releases are a tested method that results in engaging your target audience and helps in gaining their trust. An ICO marketing agency offers experience, expertise, and relationship that optimizes this active marketing channel.  Guest posts and articles, PPC, email marketing, and coin listing are other ways through which you can engage with your audience.

It Sustains

To maintain long lasting relationships with customers and investors, marketing is crucial to sustaining the loyal and regular investors. This is possible through various social media communities. The crypto community is incredibly aware and can make or break the ICO. Hence, acquiring the trust of the population is considered a priority. The best ICO marketing channels that most of the interested parties visit are Reddit, Facebook groups, Twitter, Telegram, Special Forums, Quora Discussions, and LinkedIn groups.

It Sells

Effective marketing can sell your product like no other alternative. Bounty programs are one such marketing strategy. Providing bounties, i.e., rewards and incentives are considered as an effective way to garner investor’s interest pre-ICO and keep stakeholders engaged after the offering. Hence, marketing helps sales and sales help your business. Therefore, it is essential to have a professionally executed and well-planned ICO marketing strategy.

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