Best Ways to Create Your ICO Marketing Campaign

Pre-Launch Phase

The ICO marketing campaign starts months before launching your ICO. It is advisable to be a part of the crypto community while you are planning for your ICO. The connections created in the community helps in promoting the ICO when it launches. It is a beautiful opportunity to glean information that improves both ICO and ICO marketing strategy.  Apart from that, here is an ICO marketing checklist that should be followed to have the perfect ICO marketing campaign.

Website and Whitepaper

The first step towards starting an ICO marketing strategy is to create a website and whitepaper. While building a site, it is essential to focus on five main aspects, i.e., design, layout, ease of navigation, content, and structure. Just as people do not prefer buying from an untidy shop, they do not prefer investing from a messy website. Your website should also include information about your team members and your ICO’s whitepaper. Your whitepaper will decide the fortune of your company, to ensure that you leave a good impression of it. This sets out a clear vision, mission, and schedule for the project.  

Media Reach and Social Media Channels

After the completion of the website, the next step in marketing is to begin public relations outreach. Some of the common ways of interacting with the public are through a press release of your ICO, blogs, and social media. There are many ICO marketing channels in social media such as:


Telegram is one of the most used marketing channels for blockchain and cryptocurrency. Also, it is one of the primary platforms for ICO marketing.


Quora is a discussion platform, and it provides excellent exposure for Initial Coin Offering.


Reddit provides many favorite crypto channels that provide wise information through their discussion threads.


LinkedIn is filled with the professionals, and these members are your best audience to expose your ICO.


Few YouTubers and bloggers make content for crypto lovers. So, you can ask few influencers who have high follow base to promote your ICO. This will provide broad exposure to your ICO.

Email Marketing

Sending newsletters and emails to your subscribers allows you to market your token offerings.

Bounty Program and ICO Listing

A bounty program is structured as an incentive-based rewards methodology, and it is proving to be a productive part of the ICO marketing campaign. Bounty programs provide compensation and incentives that attract investors and other stakeholders to your ICO. The best time for the bounty program is during the pre-sale of ICO launch.

Airdropping is another such method that attracts attention towards your ICO. The concept behind this is to distribute free tokens to raise the interest of some investors. The airdropping program is successful when it follows a planned strategy.

Getting your ICO on specific sites is an excellent way for ICO coverage. Many sites promote pre-ICO and ICO list that can give a lot of exposure to your ICO.

Post ICO Marketing

Many companies stop updating on social media after finishing the project, but that creates a negative influence on the investors and stakeholders. It is equally important to regularly update on social media channels about the activities of your ICO. This will maintain the buzz about your ICO in the market and help in preserving the confidence of your investors.

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